Do I want to see what I denied
because it is the Truth?

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Jesus Christ – Urtext


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Jesus Christ – Urtext

I was created as the thing I seek.
I am the goal the world is searching for.
I am God’s Son, His one Eternal Love.
I am Salvation’s means and end as well.

You can now order the 1971 pages strong printed book of the Urtext of Jesus Christ by donating

at least 80 Euro.

You can read the Text of this book in full length on My website. However, the book will not be printed before 10.000 Euro donations have been given. Until now 0 Euro have been donated for it. When You order the book You get the mp3-audiobook of the Urtext for free with it which You can download immediately.

The mp3-audiobook has a length of approximately 80 hours and is being read by Myself. It is not complete right now. But after You donated

at least 20 Euro

You can download lifelong the latest version whenever You wish.

Jesus Christus – Urtext

Jesus Christus – Urtext

Ich wurde als das Ding erschaffen das Ich suche.
Ich bin das Ziel das die Welt sucht.
Ich bin Gottes Sohn, Seine eine Ewige Liebe.
Ich bin das Mittel und ebenso das Ende der Erlösung.

Right now I have translated 1/4 or 493 Pages of the Urtext into German. You can read My translation in full length on My website. You can order My translation as well as a printed book or as mp3-audiobook. The printed book can be ordered by donating

at least 40 Euro.

It will be printed and sent to You when 5.000 Euro have been donated for it. Right now 0 Euro have been donated. With every order for a printed book You get the free mp3-audiobook with it that You can download straightaway.

The mp3-audiobook is read by Myself. After You donated

at least 20 Euro

You can download, including the upcoming rest of My translation, lifelong whenever You want the latest version.

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These books are only available in German

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Omnec Onec - Die Venusische Trilogie

This book is only available in German

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