The ego thinks that what One gains totality must lose. And yet it is the Will of God I learn that what One gains is given unto All.

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Superdigi Foundation


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The aim of My Superdigi Foundation is the support of health, healing, learning and Truth.

I plan activities in these areas:


I want to publish little known and rarely available texts in as many different languages as possible.


I want to help others to get active Themselves. It does not matter if it is only the launch of Your foundation or the creation of Your Website. Every software I am going to develop can be used for free by Everyone.

Psychoactive Plants

Nature has so much more to offer than alcohol, coffee, tobacco and „weeds“ as an alternative to chemical drugs. And the Good thing is: Many of these plants can be grown in Your own garden or flat.

Foundation Offices

I want to establish offices worldwide that consist mainly of dancefloors and darkrooms.

New Technology

Anything is possible. I want to promote the use of already existing and working technologies like free energy and antigravitation.


There is much to do and with money it happens faster. We appreciate Your donation, no matter how much. If You want to donate please contact Me by E-Mail to

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